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          Rhinoplasty and restoration of the nose functions is considered to be one of the most distributed and complicated operations. It can be explained with complicated construction of the nose (a surgeon has to work with a bone, gristle, skin and mucoid tunic). As against other surgeons, a plastic surgeon, who is engaged in rhinosplasty should be not only a qualified specialist and has practical experience, but he should also have talent of an artist. Therefore, not each surgeon can be engaged in rhinoplasty, as a surgeon should change a nose in such a way, that a face would look harmonically.

          There are two methods of rhinoplasty: open and closed one. Plastic surgeon GIA ODISHVILI prefers closed method as all the surgery manipulations are made inside the nose and do not leave visible scars as it happens at application of an open method.

          The result of an operation depends on experience, qualification and artistic perception of a surgeon.